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Next Race: Hare Scrambles October 18th Wedron, IL  (Fox Valley Off Road co-santioned)

Address: 1952 N 35th Road, Ottawa, IL


Attention: All Fox Valley riders! Vintage will run with the Mini Class at 9:00 AM and the +40A runs at 10:00AM

Click here for the WFO/Fox Valley riders entry form.  You might want to use this as there are some extra classes.



WFO will be giving this gun away to the winner of the 2015 WFO Hare Scramble series AA Class. (Click here for the picture.)
We will also be raffling one just like it for those that don’t ride the AA Class with the proceeds going to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
You must have an IL. FOID card if you live in IL. If not you will receive the cash value of the gun.


Click here to renew or apply for your AMA card online.  Don't wait until the first event and have to stand in a long line.

You will need to be a member of an organized district to receive WFO year end awards.

Please have your race entry forms filled out when you arrive. They are available below.


Check out WFO Promotions on Facebook. 


Want to save time at signup? 

Use your computer and fill out this form ahead of time.  Print it and bring it with you to the race. 
This will be faster and easier for our staff to read.  Plus no looking for an ink pen.

Click here for the form.

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